About Latvia

Latvia which is authoritatively known as the Republic of Latvia is a nation with a majority rule parliamentary structure arranged in the Baltic district in Europe's North. It offers its territory outskirts with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus and by a seaside fringe toward the west with Sweden. It has a unitary legislature of 118 divisions for authoritative purposes with 109 districts and 9 urban areas.

A one of a kind element that emerges on account of Latvia when students need to investigate about review in Latvia is that the training is regulated at three levels. i.e., the national, civil and institutional. The approaches in regards to training are defined by the Ministry of Education and Science and they chose individuals from the service.

Scholarly projects for advanced education depend on the principal and connected science. Ordinarily, they constitute a theory toward the finish of each stage whether at the bachelor’s or the master's. In spite of the fact that the structure and framework is by all accounts complex to an untouchable, the framework guarantees a tight system that guarantees that the graduate enters the expert world with the most elevated level of competency because of the arrangement of study and research in Latvia This is pertinent to both levels of advanced education in the nation.

There is a wealth of data that is accessible to students when they look for data on study in Latvia. For instance, in spite of the fact that as remote students they may need to spend for advanced education, the same is consumed by the administration in the event that they are entering the Latvian advanced education framework as trade students.


Why study in Latvia:

Latvia is known as the land that sings and Latvians assert that their nation is an ensemble of sounds, sights and encounters. The Latvian government has laid exceptional accentuation on instruction and has made a few instructive changes that have made it a perfect review abroad goal.

Latvia has both expense paying and state financed advanced education openings in universities. For grant plots a watchful procedure of student determination is completed to offer government help to the most meriting students. There are two sorts of advanced education programs offered in Latvia. i.e., Professional and Academic. Latvian universities offer both these projects, yet there are a few non-university sort establishments in Latvia that offer just expert instruction to students.

The Bologna System is followed in advanced education, which is separated into three particular levels – the Bachelor's reviews, the Master's reviews and the Doctoral reviews. A four year certification is granted are either three or four years of consistent review. A graduate degree then again can be accomplished simply in the wake of accepting the Bachelor's and finishing further maybe a couple years of study. In Doctoral reviews, the students ought to have a graduate degree or an identical confirmation. Doctoral reviews can take somewhere in the range of three to four years and include propelled examines and the readiness of a Doctoral postulation.

The real motivation behind why you ought to think about in Latvia is the reasonable training. The educational cost expenses and other living expenses are lower when contrasted with a few western countries. Designing review in Latvia is extremely prominent and the universities here are well known for creating brilliant building and IT graduates. Latvia additionally has EU enrollment, so a degree from here is equal to that from whatever other EU nation. So you can in any case get training in a European nation with extensively less expensive living expenses and different costs.

Student’s Visa Requirements:

  1. Required an Appointment Confirmation for visa application by Latvian Embassy New Delhi.
  2. Required Visa application form for long stay visa (Type D) form printed and signed by the applicant at (http://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/assets/documents/anglu%20val/visas/D_viza_2011.pdf)
  3. Required an official admission confirmation letter by the host University and Signed Study Agreement.
  4. Required a tuition fee paid confirmation receipt for the first year of study by the host University (If applicable).
  5. Required an official confirmation letter for your residence/stay by the university residence or any other private organization for at least 90 days
  6. Required Visa Fee ₹4600 (Payable with the demand draft on the name of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia-New Delhi)
  7. Required a Police Clearance Certificate for Latvia (Apostille by Ministry Of External Affairs) Original required via http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink
  8. Required Financial Matters- demonstrating the sum min of €5350 on candidate's savings account through a verification letter by your banker/financier or Educational loan confirmation letter and affidavit of support to the applicant by the parent/sponsor.
  9. Required a Travel health insurance contract (coverage of 42,600 EUR) at http://www.ambafrance-in.org/List-of-approved-insurance
  10. Required a valid Passport for at least 6 months and its photo copy (all pages)
  11. Two colour photos (size 35mm x 45 mm) on white background
  12. Original Final degree diploma and 12th Certificate attested by Apostle by MEA.

Note: The visa processing time usually is 5 working days. When you pick up your passport, please bring your ID card. If you are picking up other passport than yours, please submit the letter of authorization together with your ID.

Latvian Embassy in India:

Embassy of the Republic of Latvia

B8 Anand Niketan,

110021 New Delhi.

Email: consulate.india@mfa.gov.lv

Website: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/newdelhi/

Tel: +91 11 49859100

Working Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 - 13:00