About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked nation that imparts its territory fringes to Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia as its prompt geographic neighbors. The Czech Republic comprises of two notable states known as Bohemia and Moravia. It has had a standout amongst the most tumultuous histories in the area, as well as on the planet, on account of a steady exchange of force as a result of wars and uprisings. At long last, it adjusted itself to the Soviet Union and after the crumple of the USSR, it broke into two separate nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic is a multi party parliamentarian government that is going by the President, who is specifically chosen by the general population through open surveys once at regular intervals. The President then designates the Prime Minister and the bureau of Ministers. The clergymen are housed in bicameral parliament.

The Czech arrangement of education has obligatory too willful parts inbuilt into the training framework. In any case, when a student selects to change organizations, he or she needs to show up for and tastefully clear the examination that has been set by the establishment that they mean to go to. Students from abroad are encouraged to get in advance all the data about review in the Czech Republic.

Students covetous of seeking after further reviews in the Czech Republic can pick either the auxiliary courses where they have the chance to study and research in Czech Republic and achieve a DiS which means Specialist with Diploma. The course of this recognition has a term of three years.

Why Study in Czech:

As in whatever other nation that brags of better educational offices endeavor to pull in students from different nations in the district, as well as from crosswise over different parts of the world, it is basic to have one of a kind components that can help the students to share not only a quality training to improve what they have effectively contemplated additionally to give them the correct adjust that will empower them to come back with an upgraded level of information picked up and additionally a superior point of view on their general surroundings. The accompanying is a portion of the elements that students picking higher reviews in the Czech Republic can anticipate.

The Czech Republic has a long convention of giving quality education. This is obvious from one of the most seasoned universities and universities in the nation being set up in 1348. A Czech Republic University offers a various scope of study projects, which empower students to pick subjects that they favor and have a liking to. At present there are more than 35000 students who have contemplated in the Czech Republic and the number continues expanding as a result of the open arms approach towards directing projects in outside dialects, particularly in English.

The Czech Republic is arranged in the heart of Europe. This gives chances to students touching base here to appreciate Czech culture, as well as to go to other neighboring nations and acclimatize their societies. Besides, since the Czech culture is an amalgamation of different societies like Slavonic, Jewish and German or rather Austrian impact, students can encounter these societies when they get their occasional breaks between studies. By and large a sound picture of educational foundations numbering to 70 including different levels and more than 400,000 students considering in these organizations. With such rich and different introduction to culturally diverse encounters offered on a platter and automatically, students going to the Czech Republic whether they think about writing, history or enlist for higher degree in building study in the Czech Republic, they are guaranteed of a more extensive viewpoint when they backpedal as a full adjusted native of the world.


Student’s Visa Requirements:

  • Filled and signed application form
  • Passport sized photos (2)
  • Copy of the passport (1st and last pages)
  • Financial Matters – Requires being submitting a photo copy of Credit/Debit card and updated bank statement or Educational Loan confirmation Letter or any scholarship confirmation letter.
  • Admission letter from the host university
  • Proof of an accommodation from the host university campus residence or any other 3rd
  • PCC – should be legalized from the ministry of external affairs (MEA).
  • Proof of Medical Certificate
  • Proof of Travel Health insurance (Coverage up EUR 30000).
  • Highest degree and XII standard original document should be legalized from the ministry of external affairs (MEA).

Affidavit of Support by the parents/guardian/Sponsor

Czech Embassy in India:

Embassy of Czech Republic in New Delhi

Address - 50-M, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri,

110 021 New Delhi, INDIA

Tel.: +91-11-2415 5200

Fax: +91-11-2415 5270

Website: http://www.mzv.cz/newdelhi/en

E-mails: newdelhi@embassy.mzv.cz  (General) & delhi.consular@gmail.com (Consular)