About Australia

Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide – are coastal. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. The country is known for its Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, a vast interior desert wilderness called the Outback, and unique animal species like kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses.

Capital: Canberra

Dialing code: +61

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

Population: 23.13 million (2013) World Bank

Some facts are obvious and well known such as being the country responsible for the Boomerang and then there are Wine Casks (of course an Aussie would come up with this invention) and others are still being disputed such as the Pavlova. Was it invented by an Aussie or Kiwi? We will never really know for certain. Either way it's a delicious dessert!

Throughout history Australian inventions have helped shaped the society we live in. One of the most important inventions used every day is the Black Box on airplanes. This important piece of equipment is used on every flight and has helped us understand the cause of plane crashes and make air flight safer. Interestingly the Black Box is not black it's usually bright orange.

Another important invention is the refrigerator which was invented by James Harrison in 1856. He used the principle of vapour compression to invent the world's first ice making machine and refrigerator. We need this to keep our beer cool! We are also the inventors of the world's first Feature film which was released in 1906 - titled The Story of the Kelly Gang.

Then we some icons that might not seem so important but they are to Aussies. We have the famous Tim Tam biscuit, Vegemite (it might not be to everybody's taste but it is an Australian Icon), Lamingtons and meat pies. Don't forget about the Akubra hat (Aboriginal for head covering) which is worn by many stockmen and farmers, Stubbie shorts and Thongs (flip flops)! Oh and don't forget about the clothes line! Officially named the Hills Hoist after its inventor Lance Hills; it is a rotary clothes line that is in most Aussie backyards.

Why study in Australia:


Australia is the 6th biggest nation on the planet, as far as aggregate zone. With the world's twelfth biggest economy, it is additionally one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, offering a decent personal satisfaction.

The Land Down Under

From structural ponders, for example, the notable Sydney Musical drama House to the Incomparable Obstruction Reef, the world's biggest coral reef extending to more than 1,600 miles, Australia has all that one would ever dream of.

As a Student Goal

Australia is a well known student goal, and universal student numbers are required to increment after the Australian Government's current bringing down of visa evaluation levels for 38 nations around the world, comprehensive of India.

Indian students make up more than 9 for each penny of Australia's student populace. The new visa application rules require worldwide students to demonstrate less documentation and less confirmation of monetary support, much to the upside of the students.

Best Five Universities


Here's a gander at the main five Australian Universities according to the most recent QS World University Rankings

  1. Australian National University - nineteenth position globally
  2. The University of Melbourne - 42nd position globally
  3. The University of Sydney - 45th position globally
  4. The University of Queensland - 46th position globally
  5. The University of New South Ribs - 46th position universally

Options for Study

Australian Universities offer universal students a scope of learning choices — relate degrees, four year University educations, ace degrees and PhD degrees. Of the aggregate global student populace, just about 40% are occupied with advanced education programs and almost 18% in English dialect programs.

Scholarly projects are offered all over the nation in the zones of business, humanities, building, tourism, pharmaceutical, and that's just the beginning. Grants are accessible for qualified students.

Educational cost Rates

Training in Australia, in opposition to prevalent thinking is particularly moderate. As a rule, a four year University education could cost as less as AUD 10,000; professional projects could cost around AUD 5,000 and PhD degrees about AUD 18,000. To add to this, various grant openings financed by the Australian Government and non-public schools are accessible for students.

Regardless of whether your advantage lies in nature, innovation, craftsmanship, culture, enterprise, nourishment, wine or world-class the scholarly community, Australia unquestionably has something for you, and is a nation of unlimited open doors. You will love the student life in Australia, the outdoorsy culture, and the amicable individuals.

Other famous vacation destinations in Australia that you could investigate incorporate the Sydney Harbor Connect, Fraser Island, Gold Drift, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Stop, Sea Street, Kakadu National Stop, the endless outback, old timberlands, one of a kind untamed life and unblemished marine situations. These are only a couple of truths and details that touch on the interest of Australia as a nation.

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